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How Live it up, Las Palmas! started

Hi! My name is Nelleke and in the Summer of 2018 I visited Las Palmas for the first time. I immediately felt at home and I still love this city!

The hardest part at the time was to find the right people, build a social network and make friends. I soon realised there were plenty of likeminded people, but it was hard to find them!

December 2018 started organizing meetups like coworking sessions, dinners & drinks and karaoke sessions untill Spain went into a strict lockdown early 2020. Once the lockdown was over, I realised that I really missed the community and the community building. I also noticed in Facebook groups there was really a need for an active (online) community and I decided to continue the meetups, in a responsible way.

My goal was to make it as easy as possible for new arrivals to meet people and make friends. After all, people are the most important factor in having a good time! 

Seeing how the community grew since and how it is helping people to connect makes me so happy! So join, and Live it up, Las Palmas! 

Why You Should Join

This group is the most active community you will find in Las Palmas and it is by far the best way to quick and easy meet (new) people! The group shares practical information, meetups, tips and recommendations and is dynamic and interactive. You don't want to go for dinner alone tonight? Post! You want to join on a hike this weekend! Say yes! You need information about the NIE? Ask!

A Big Thanks

A big thanks to everyone who I've met in Las Palmas and is working together to make this community awesome!

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